Comment l'Immortel Dio est-il mort dans JOJO Partie 3 ?

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, a beloved anime and manga series, features the mysterious character Dio Brando. There is one question that many fans still have: “how did Dio die despite being an immortal vampire?”

In this article, we will delve into the events that led to Dio’s ultimate demise and explore the mysteries surrounding his immortal existence.

Dio’s Immortality Explained:

Dio's death explained

How did Dio die despite being an immortal is the question what most people have in mind. And we will get to that. But before that, let’s talk about his immortality in general.

To understand Dio’s death, we must first understand how his immortality works. Dio got the Stone Mask, an artifact imbued with vampiric powers, granting him extraordinary regenerative abilities.

He became virtually indestructible, surviving deadly injuries that would prove fatal to ordinary beings. However, Dio’s immortality had limitations tied to physical body.

That is, he can only heal is physical body and not his soul. So if a Stand ability, which is a supernatural manifestation of a character’s soul, gets hit, a person’s soul gets damaged. This is something even the immortal vampire could not heal.

Dio’s Final Battle Explained:

Dio approaches

Let’s talk about the final battle in which Dio died.

The climax of Dio’s story culminated in a intense showdown against the Joestar family. But most people do not understand what really happened in the fight. Which is why, in this section, I will be explaining Dio’s final battle in detail.

Guided by their determination and sense of justice, the Joestars fought Dio to put an end to his reign of terror. This battle showed the will power and intelligence of the Joestar clan as they strategized to exploit Dio’s weaknesses.

They took down the immortal vampire’s goons and faced him in a death battle. While most other side characters went out of commission, Jotaro Kujo managed to survive and defeat Dio.

I will admit that Jotaro pulling a “it’s the same stand as Star Platinum” is a major plot armor for him. I mean, common, all of a sudden you get the ability to stop time that you never once had before?

Well, anyways, the fact is that Jotaro learned the ability to stop time. But if you really think about it, it is Dio’s fault for letting him grow. Instead of killing him instantly, Dio toyed with Jotaro and the others which led to his demise.

He also probably did not realize Star Platinum’s power was enough to destroy his stand which in-turn destroyed his soul and body. So, how did Dio die? Well, he took it easy in the fight and did not even realize his own weakness.

The Power of Stands:

Dio Za Warudo

Stands, spiritual manifestations representing a person’s fighting spirit, played a pivotal role in Dio’s defeat. Only a stand can hurt or destroy another stand. The Jotaro and team wielded Stands with unique abilities, helping them to counter Dio’s immortality effectively. The detailed dynamics of Stand battles added depth to the confrontations and accentuated the Joestars’ advantage.

As I mentioned before, destroying someone’s stand equals destroying someone’s soul. So, it makes sense that Dio died. But what does not make sense is how Dio’s body got wounded. Am I right?

Well, it is not really a detective’s work though. It was explicitly mentioned in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure anime and manga that when a stand is hurt, the same wound will be reflected on the user’s body. This is why Dio’s body split in two at the end of the fight.

Dio’s Weaknesses:

Despite Dio’s immortality, he had weaknesses that Jotaro used against him. Dio’s hubris and arrogance often clouded his judgment, making him susceptible to critical errors.

Moreover, his reliance on minions left him exposed, as the Joestars completely destroyed his support network. Dio’s psychological and emotional weaknesses proved crucial in his death. I mean, if he had taken the time to deal with them himself, all of them would be dead by time the group arrived at Egypt. But no, he had to use others who ultimately failed.

Even then, he did not learn the lesson. His god complex made him think that he is undefeatable. He never even thought of someone being able to move in his time stopped zone. But Jotaro grew in the middle of the fight, learned to stop time, and destroyed his stand. Since the stand is the manifestation of the user’s soul, Dio’s soul got destroyed, which ultimately meant he died.

So, How Did Dio Die?

So, How Did Dio Die?

Dio had physical regeneration. There is no way he could have died just by having his body hurt. But stands are manifestation of the soul, which meant if a stand is attacked, it’s user’s soul will be damaged.

However, Dio did not have any way to regenerate his soul. So, when Jotaro’s Star Platinum punched the crap out of Dio’s stand, The World, Dio’s soul was destroyed.

His body was wounded because any damage the stand takes will be reflected on the body. And maybe, it was also to aesthetically please the readers and viewers with some gushing blood.

The Aftermath:

The consequences of Dio’s death reverberated through the Joestar family and the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure world. The impact of his demise stretched beyond the narrative, leaving a lasting legacy on subsequent parts of the series. Dio’s shadow loomed large, haunting the characters and driving the narrative forward.


So that’s it for this post. You just learned how Dio died despite being an immortal.

Dio’s death, despite his immortality, was a testament to the Joestar family’s strength and genius. By making use of Dio’s weaknesses and using their unique Stand powers, they killed him. The saga of Dio Brando, an immortal figure of darkness, serves as a powerful reminder that even the most formidable adversaries can be overcome through wit, determination, and the power of familial bonds.

As fans continue to unravel the mysteries and complexities of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Dio’s demise remains an iconic moment, forever etched in the series’ lore.

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