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dix Anime avec une intrigue compliquée

If you’re looking for a complicated plot in your anime, then look no further! This list includes ten anime with complex stories that will keep you guessing. From mind-bending psychological mysteries to war-torn worlds, these anime will have you hooked from start to finish. So sit back, relax, and get ready for a wild ride!…

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Zeke Yeager est-il bon ou mauvais dans Attack On Titan ?

Attack on Titan is a Japanese dark fantasy anime television series adapted from the manga of the same name. This series features a man named Zeke Yeager, who is introduced as a villain. However, as the story progresses we see some good qualities in him. His ultimate goal also seems to be really noble. But…

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L'attaque des Titans filles classées

Attack on Titan may seem like an anime that is dominated mostly by the male characters, but some of the girls in this series can even outshine them. We are in the middle of the last season of Attack on Titan and we have already seen some girls making their marks. So, let us take…

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AOT Titans Classé - Eldia's Nine Titans Listed

The AoT titans are the key players in the story. While the current inheritors of the nine titans are split across Marley and Eldia, they all originated from Ymir Fritz, the founding titan. After her death, Ymir Fritz’s power was split among her daughters which eventually gave rise to nine titans. These nine Titans have…

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Les 6 meilleurs arts martiaux de l'anime présentés avec succès

Le Japon est connu pour beaucoup de grandes choses, mais deux de ses importations les plus célèbres sont l'anime et les arts martiaux. Pour cette raison, il est juste de dire que le Japon a offert au reste du monde de nombreuses créations intéressantes au fil des ans. Cependant, pour la plupart, ces deux entités restent séparées. Cette…

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Comment l'attaque des Titans a brisé Internet

Ok, so I want you to take a flashback back to twenty-thirteen. The new consoles just released and YouTube was at its prime in terms of quality. Superhero movies were on the rise and everybody loved them. It was practically the golden age. And in the center of it all was Attack On Titan.  The…