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En quoi l'anime est-il différent des dessins animés ?

Entertainment has always been an integral part of our lives, which always brings joy and happiness to us. Entertaining activities can refresh our minds and preserve our mental health by any means, like playing games or sports, reading books, watching TV shows or movies, etc. Some of them engage people of all age groups, while…

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6 Greatest Weapons Of Mass Destruction In Anime

Some anime shows never shy away from eradicating the entire humanity. And with every war, a new weapon is developed that can destroy buildings, kingdoms, and sometimes even the entire earth’s population. While some overpowered anime characters use their divine powers, god-like abilities, there are some weapons that work without magical abilities, but are equally…

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Sunshine Blogger Award

Yay! I got nominated for The Sunshine Blogger Award!! This is my first time getting nominated for one of these (well, at least on this blog. I’ve had the honor of doing some of these in my old, abandoned personal blog, a few years back), and to my surprise I got nominated by two amazing…

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Sub ou Dub: Quelle est la différence entre SUB et DUB Anime

Once you get into the Anime community, you will hear subtitled anime is better than voiced over anime. The great SUB vs DUB debate.   Which is better, reading subtitles, or dubbing over the original voice acting?   Hardcore fans will tell you SUBd is the superior form of watching anime, and you are not really a…

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Anime with similar Art style to Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Jojo’s bizarre adventure has a pretty unique art style. I’m pretty sure no other anime has ever had the same art style as Jojo. But there are a few anime with Art style pretty similar to that of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. When I say art style, I’m talking about the muscular body of the characters,…

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Top 10 Ecchi, Harem Anime que vous devez regarder!

Cet article Top 10 Ecchi, Harem Anime que vous devez regarder ! est un article invité écrit par Jon Snow. Ces genres ont envahi la scène animée ces derniers temps. De nombreuses émissions sont basées sur ces thèmes et deviennent soudainement les préférées des fans. C'est compréhensible mais en même temps...