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Bienvenue à AnimeTout.En ligne (AEO), the ultimate destination for all things anime!

I’m Silver, the admin of AnimeEverything.Online, and I’m striving to make AEO a community of passionate anime enthusiasts who are dedicated to bringing quality top 10, recommandations et discussions about all kinds of anime shows and movies.

If you’re an anime fan looking to share your thoughts and opinions with a community of like-minded individuals, I’d love to work with you.

Whether you’re a seasoned anime blogger or just starting out, I welcome soumissions d'écrivains de tous niveaux.

While it’s nowhere near my goal, AEO gets about 200,000 visitors a month, so I can guarantee you that your article will be read by hundreds, if not thousands, of people over time.

For Guest Contributors

As a contributor to AnimeEverything.Online, you’ll have the opportunity to share your insights and perspectives on the dernier anime sorties, participez à des discussions de groupe et connectez-vous avec d'autres fans d'anime du monde entier.

Anime Tout en ligne YT

De plus, votre écriture sera vue par des milliers de lecteurs qui partagent votre passion pour l'anime.

So why wait? Pitch us your topic and a brief bio of yourself, and we can work things out!

Envoyez-nous un courriel à [email protected] ou contactez-nous via le page de contact.

Noter: You will not be paid as a guest contributor. If you’re looking to get paid writing about anime, consider the below options.

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For Freelancer Writers

This section is for freelancers who are looking to earn money writing about anime.

Ever since the advent of AI, my experience with freelance “writers” has been rocky.

On the one hand, Google hates AI content, and they’re doing everything in their power to squash websites with it. On the other hand, freelancers now have a lazy way to pocket some decent cash. A devastating combo for people like me who are trying to hire writers.

I’ve had pretty bad experiences with quite a few people who claim to write themselves when they actually use AI to do their job. This becomes obvious when the article doesn’t get an estimated level of traffic over a period of time. Not to mention, there are AI content detectors as well, but they’re pretty crappy and not necessarily reliable, if I’m being brutally honest.

But guess what? There is one topic that AI cannot write about simply because there aren’t much data on the internet about them in the written form. So, at the moment, I’m only open to hiring freelancers who are willing to write about hentai.

From Japanese H anime and doujins to Korean adult manhwas, there are tons of stuff to write about in this niche.

You will be paid as soon as your article is accepted, and the payment rate depends on the number of words.

If you think you’re the man or woman for this job, then drop me a mail at [email protected].

Partnership (Revenue Sharing Programme)

Are you an anime blogger who is just getting started? Or have you been writing for a while but are struggling to get that traffic? If you are, I’ve got an offer for you!

Let’s be honest. Managing a website is PAIN. From hosting and themes to plugins and analytics tools, you have to pick the best ones, pay for them upfront, and hope that they live up to their claims.

And the worst part? To build up topical authority, you have to publish loads of content before you even start getting decent traffic. It takes at least a year to make this happen.

But what if I told you there’s a way to pretty much get the entire benefit of owning a website without any of those hassles?

Here at Anime Everything Online, we encourage new bloggers like you to partner with us, where you can publish your articles and make money from them. We’ll give you 90% of the ad revenue that your article generates.

This is a great way to make some serious passive income by talking about the anime and manga that you love!

Since we already have over 500 articles published, covering over 70k+ keywords, I’m pretty sure we’ve got decent topical authority for most keywords. This means you’ve got a better shot at ranking higher in Google with AEO.

Of course, you are free to keep writing on your own blog while publishing your content at AEO. You can see for yourself which one generates the most revenue, and you can choose one or the other, or keep doing both, because why not?

There are a few criteria, though.

  • You must have a website that gets at least 1,000 readers a month. This way, I know that your content has potential.
  • Your articles must not be written using AI or spun using content spinners. And obviously, it should not be plagiarized.
  • You must be willing to write au moins four articles a month.

If you are interested, contact me at [email protected] or reach out to me on Télégramme.

Au plaisir de vous entendre bientôt.

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