L'anime rend-il plus créatif ?

Watching anime is something that people do from different parts of the world. This Japanese style of drawing and creating cartoons has conquered the hearts and souls of many people around the world. Anime is designed in such a style that it is impossible not to like it. No matter if you are not keen on Sailor Moon, for example, you can surely find an anime niche you will fall in love with. There are many popular anime that have introduced anime lovers into the world of Japanese cartoons. There are not only series, but also movies that have been created in an anime style.

At the same time, many children, adolescents, and not only are inspired by powerful characters created in anime. Moreover, it has an influence on today’s generations in terms of fashion, living style, and communication or character development. But one of the questions that might arise not only in the minds of anime lovers but also in the minds of parents or educators is the following. Does anime make you more creative? It certainly comes with many benefits for those who watch it avidly, but do these boost creativity?

Unexpected Situations

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One of the main characteristics of anime is that there is no strict guideline they need to follow. The ones who create the anime have total freedom to build the plot twists and characters however they want. We all know those movies or TV series where what follows next is obvious. Even though guessing what follows can come with some kind of reward, it sends a certain message: there is nothing new or unexpected here. 

Which is something most anime creators keep away from. This is because they don’t shy away from introducing great, powerful characters and then just kill them off. Even though the story started with a plot, this can change along with the series. And for those who watch anime, this can only come with gold moments. These unexpected moments opens up the creative part of the brain reminding you that anything is possible.

When something you do not expect happens, it seems like a new door has been opened. There are new possibilities for continuing the story, and our brains like creating stories. According to expert writers from AssignmentHolicetbestcustomessay.org, anime can make you more creative. It inspires those who love watching anime to go beyond what is normal, acceptable, or natural to happen. They need to face new events and situations that boost their creativity. But these plot twists also make them fall more in love with the universe of anime.

Taking Risks

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The universe of anime is an insane one. Every anime has a killing plot twist, the action and characters change or are killed along the way, and everything takes a turn you did not even imagine. There is the case of many anime creators that think about how the public will react if they choose to kill or heal a certain character. Anime is created for people, and what they think is important. However, many anime creators take the risk of unleashing their creativity. 

As mentioned in the reports of Essaygeeks, watching anime, besides confronting you with the unexpected, also tells a lot about the work behind it. And the risks the creators are taking. Sometimes, when you are not sure of some of your ideas, you might be tempted to abandon them. You do not know how the others will react, if the ideas are feasible, and so on. You can find many reasons to abandon your creative ideas, but anime actually teaches you to not do so. 

Of course, this does not mean that you should expect that all your ideas are good or will be seen with good eyes from the first time. Some will need adjustment, while others will not be feasible or appropriate at all. But what is important, is to take the risk and unleash your creativity. Just as anime creators do. And they succeed because the world of anime is an insane one. In the assignments on anime topics from Ninjaessay it is said that taking risks can indeed trigger your creativity and help you come up with incredible ideas.

A Constant Sense of Wonder

Does anime make you creative?

Anime can boost your creative part of the mind tremendously, and it does this in ways you may not sense. Many people expect to watch an anime episode and then freely create what they are looking for. But creativity does not come when you clap your hands. This is because anime is boosting and polishing many aspects that are related to creativity.

And one of these is the constant sense of wonder they leave you with. Every anime comes with an insane plot twist that keeps you glued to the TV or laptop. They present some dramatic situations, horror moments, but also happy events. As stated in many reviews of Dissertation Today, there are scenes in many anime that are so inspiring and insightful, that you constantly wonder how they were capable of creating something so wonderful. While some anime lovers appreciate more the horror, dreadful, and burdensome moments anime creators work to create, others love the peaceful ones. 

No matter which type of scenes or anime you are keen on, every anime leaves you with a sense of wonder. But this sense of wonder triggers your creativity. You think about how they were able to create this, so you practically start imagining things. This is the beginning of active creativity. Creativity does not mean that you have hundreds of ideas flowing up in your head and you expose them all. Sometimes, creativity comes in small doses, such as this sense of wonder.


Anime does make you creative. It is a great source of boosting your creativity and becoming open minded. Anime creators have come up with insane plot twists and ideas. They have created loveable and hate-able characters, and sometimes they have killed from both categories. But this is also the hidden pleasure anime comes with. You can never anticipate what follows next or how the story can develop further. And it is exactly this unexpected that triggers and boosts anyone’s creativity. You automatically imagine things as you watch the anime, but the creators always seem to take you by surprise. Moreover, they can create a constant sense of wonder, instilling in you the emotions of the characters. They make you love their insane ideas, and they take a risk when they choose to illustrate them. 

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