¿Quién es Blast en One Punch Man?

Who is Blast in One Punch Man? Ever since it aired back in 2015, One Punch Man has become the face of the ‘action/parody’ combo that was never really a thing. From Demon Cyborg ‘Genos’ to the handsome ‘Amai Mask’, it’s safe to say that One Punch Man has some of the coolest looking heroes in the entirety of anime.

But ever since the show made its debut back in 2015, we’ve been hearing about this rank 1 hero again and again. Blast, the famed number 1 hero that has never been seen before, was never the topic of discussion either.

I mean, that’s obvious. The adrenaline pumping action of One Punch Man makes you turn a blind eye to everything other than what’s happening at the very moment. So today, let us tell you a thing or two about Blast!

Just who is Blast?

who is the number 1 hero in one punch man

Aside from ‘Caped Baldy,’ aka Saitama, Blast is the strongest that the hero association has to offer. He’s been hailed as the rank 1 hero for quite some time.

There was a rumor floating around that he was traveling to all sorts of different places.

His purpose is to find these mysterious cubes, which is his hobby.

One Punch Man has been in serialization for quite some time now. But it’s only recently that we got to see Blast.

Moreover, only a few people from the Hero Association can contact him. I mean, that’s a given since he’s the rank 1 hero!

If you’re talking about appearance, Blast’s hero outfit speaks of the battles he’s fought.

With a scar between his eyes, his clothes aren’t the only ones telling tales of his strength. With a western-style look that reminds us of the legend, Android 16 from Dragon Ball Z, Blast’s reveal has been a wonderful surprise.

Are Blast and Saitama the same person?

Are Blast and Saitama the same person?

I know. A lot of us have heard or read this question more than just a couple of times already.

It also makes sense since, in the ‘One Punch Man’ universe, any other human stronger than Saitama just doesn’t seem possible.

Despite a lot of theorists and ‘opm nerds’ coming up with their own takes, Saitama and Blast have been shown to not be the same person. Blast made his manga debut back in Chapter 30, when his name first popped up in the conversation.

The rank 1 hero finally showed up in chapter 139, rocking the look that broke the internet. Looking back at it, One Punch Man has been trending a couple of times lately. Props to UNA y Yusuke!

Sure, from the looks of Blast, it’s hard to say that the two aren’t connected somehow.

Those similarities, in turn, gave rise to a couple of new hypotheses and theories. That brings us to our next question, which will leave your jaw hitting the ground this instant!

Is Blast Saitama’s father?

Yes, a lot of people have been speculating about this. While ONE himself hasn’t commented or shown anything as of yet, it’s believed that Blast is, in fact, Saitama’s dad.

Now, there are a lot of ‘things’ that support this theory. Aside from the similarities between the two, the fact that Blast is introduced into the universe all of a sudden has quite the weightage.

We don’t know anything about Saitama or his family. Moreover, the science or reason behind Saitama’s godly power is unclear. Both of them fight crime and villains as a hobby alone. You see where this is going?

OPM’s #1 Hero: Manga vs. Webcomic

OPM's #1 Hero: Manga vs. Webcomic

Although it’s a huge sin to compare the webcomic with the manga, the anime is a result of both the brains (webcomic) and the brawn (manga) coming together to make the magic happen.

But seriously, looking at the webtoon version, Blast was introduced a lot earlier in the series.

He had that conversation with Tatsumaki, something that only adds to the theory of Blast being Saitama.

But one look at the webtoon Blast and he seems like the hairy Saitama that captured a lot of hearts back in the day.

Just go and have a look at the webtoon version since I’m pretty sure a lot of us don’t read the webtoon. Done? Now remember how the manga version looked like. Worlds apart from each other!

Moreover, Blast seems to be a lot similar to Superman from DC Comics. In addition to the hero costume, Blast is able to shoot laser beams from his eyes as well. Don’t believe me? Ask Tatsumaki herself, and she’ll tell you all about it!

Moreover, Blast is also revealed to have an actual job despite being the number 1 hero.

Since he’s only fighting crime as a hobby, that brings Blast closer to Saitama as well.

Also, when it comes to the origin of their powers, nothing is known. Plus, their secret identities end up being another one of these similarities.

Guess ONE is a huge Superman fan through and through. I’m pretty sure none of us could’ve expected that to be honest!

Who is more powerful, Blast or Saitama?

Who is more powerful, Blast or Saitama?

Ah, the never-ending anime battles that strike the 7387387th great keyboard war. But this time around, it isn’t about Goku vs. Saitama.

We’re making two of the greatest heroes enter the ring. Saitama and Blast have been shown to be monstrous powerhouses.

Till now, the two haven’t traded blows with each other owing to their belonging to the same side.

While Blast has a lot of abilities up his sleeve, the outcome is rather clear. While Portal Creation and Gravity Manipulation make Blast’s kit as overloaded as it gets.

Not to mention the immense superhuman strength that opens a realm of possibilities when combined with these abilities.

But when you look at Saitama, there isn’t a limit to his power at all. Ever since his debut in the manga, he’s finished the job with just one punch.

Even the E.T., destroyer of planets and galaxies, Boros, was finished in a punch or two. Blast has achieved quite a lot in his career.

We also have yet to see the full unlocked potential of the rank 1 hero. But as things stand now, I can surely agree that Saitama would get the better of Blast. That in one punch as well.

But then again, there’s the space-time manipulation that makes Blast win without breaking a sweat. Let me know what you think!

Is Blast a god in One Punch Man?

Is Blast a god in One Punch Man?

While Blast is revealed to be a hero, it still stands that his fight with the unknown villainous entity “God” has been going on for quite some time now.

Sitch, the beta at the Hero Association, mentions it during the meeting. Moreover, on that note, most people deem Blast to be god.

That’s because Blast’s hobby of collecting these crystals has a dark secret to it. It’s rumored that these crystals, when accumulated, turn humans into monsters. That’s the same thing that God is capable of! Also, at the same time, Blast isn’t alone in his war against God.

He has recruited a number of allies, both humans and allies. Together, they protect the planet from a god that could destroy it in no time.

This fact makes Blast and God being the same person highly unlikely, in my opinion. But then again, his connection with God is still unclear.

Only ONE (the author) can educate us better regarding this. Otherwise, we’ve got quite a lot of theories lying around, and it’s best if you take them with a grain of salt!

What is Blast’s power in One Punch Man?

What is Blast’s power in One Punch Man?

Even though we’ve talked about Blast’s power already, let’s go through his overloaded kit once again.

His ability to manipulate ‘space-time’ is already a little too OP even in the One Punch Man universe. But when you look at the added immense superhuman strength and portal manipulation, Blast seems like the strongest character in One Punch Man.

He has complete mastery over the art of close hand-to-hand combat. Also, he has the ability to create black holes when he brings his hands together to complete that infinity symbol.

He’s used these abilities a number of times already during that monster association and the Garo vs. Garo arc.

The abilities make Tatsumaki seem like a little baby when compared to the number 1 hero. But the 28-year-old petite woman is ranked at number 2 for a reason, right?


I believe that when it comes to Blast, no number of theories is enough. The character is a total mystery, and it’s only recently that we got to know anything about him.

Over the years, it’s always been either his name or a silhouette that serves no purpose. But with him finally making his manga debut, we can expect some twists and turns in the plot down the road.

I don’t know about you, but for me, One Punch Man has gotten a lot more interesting all of a sudden. Let us know what you think of these theories and if you have some of your own as well!

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