¿Dónde transmitir y ver el anime de Beyond The Boundary en línea?

Beyond The Boundary, also known as Kyoukai no Kanata, is a captivating anime series produced by the legendary Kyoto animation studio. The show has has gained a dedicated fan base worldwide. If you’re eager to dive into the enchanting world of Beyond The Boundary and wondering where to watch it, you’ve come to the right place! In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various options for streaming, DVD releases, digital purchase and rental, and international availability of Beyond The Boundary.

Beyond The Boundary Plot

Beyond the Boundary, also known as Kyoukai no Kanata, is an exciting anime series that captivates viewers with its engaging storyline and stunning visuals.

The anime follows the story of Akihito Kanbara, a high school student with a unique ability to heal quickly. When he encounters Mirai Kuriyama, a girl with the power to manipulate her blood, their lives become intertwined in a world of supernatural beings and dark secrets.

Together, they embark on thrilling adventures, battling dangerous creatures known as Youmu while uncovering the mysteries of their own pasts.

While the fans of this show are waiting for a season 2, the anime’s studio has two sequel movies instead, named Más allá del límite: estaré aquí - Pasado y Beyond the Boundary: I’ll Be Here – Future.

With its blend of action, romance, and supernatural elements, Beyond the Boundary offers a compelling and immersive anime experience that will leave viewers eagerly anticipating each episode.

Watch Beyond The Boundary on Popular Streaming Platforms:

Watch Beyond The Boundary on Popular Streaming Platforms

You can stream this action-romance fantasy anime series on the following OTT platforms:

  • HiDive
  • Fubo TV

One of the most convenient ways to watch Beyond The Boundary is through popular streaming platforms. Platforms like HiDive, y Fubo TV offer a vast library of anime titles, including Beyond The Boundary. By subscribing to these platforms, you can enjoy unlimited streaming of your favorite episodes anytime, anywhere.

Stream Kyoukai no Kanata For Free:

You can stream this action-romance fantasy anime series for FREE on the following platforms:

  • Spectrum
  • bilibili

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, several authorized streaming services offer Beyond The Boundary for free, albeit with some limitations. Espectro bajo demanda, y Bilibili Golbal are excellent choices for enjoying the series legally and without any subscription fees. Well, streaming on Bilibili might not necessarily be legal because user’s can upload any videos on the platform. But the company is itself legal since they are like YouTube. Keep in mind that free streaming options may include advertisements during the episodes.

Alternatively, you can also rely on third party streaming sites thay may not have the license to stream the anime. You should be vary of these pirate sites because some of them have malware ads that will cause a huge trouble for you. That said, there are several safe third party sites as well. But the fact that these site are illegal means they contribute nothing to the anime industry. So I highly discourage watching any anime on their platforms.

Lanzamientos de DVD y Blu-ray:

You can buy this action-romance fantasy anime series’ DVD and blu-ray on the following websites:

  • Amazon
  • blu-ray.com
  • anime-kyokai.com

For collectors and fans who prefer physical copies, the anime is available on DVD and Blu-ray. You can own the Beyond the Boundary episodes in your hands and watch it whenever you want. Standard editions of the anime as well as special editions with bonus features, artbooks, or collector’s items may be available. Online retailers like Amazon.com, Blu-ray.com or specialty anime stores are great places to find these releases.

Página web oficial: You can also buy the official DVD and Blu-ray from Beyond the Boundary’s official website. Doing this will help the creators of the anime directly, and you get to add it to your collection.

Digital Purchase and Rental:

Digital Purchase and Rental of beyond the boundary

You can rent or buy the digital bundle of this action-romance fantasy anime series on the following platforms:

  • Apple TV
  • Vídeo de Amazon Prime

If you prefer the convenience of digital media, you can digitally purchase or rent and then watch Beyond The Boundary. Platforms like Apple TV, y Vídeo de Amazon Prime offer the option to buy individual episodes or entire seasons digitally. You can also rent episodes for a limited period if you wish to watch them without committing to a purchase.

International Availability:

Beyond The Boundary has gained international popularity, and fans from various countries can enjoy the series. However, availability may vary depending on your location. The above mentioned streaming services are available in the United States. Some streaming platforms may have region-specific restrictions, so it’s advisable to check the availability in your country. Explore local streaming services or consult with anime distributors to find the best options for accessing Beyond The Boundary.

In case, you are not able to find any legal platforms that have Beyond the Boundary, then you will have to rely on quality VPN service like NordVPN to gain access to the U.S. region’s content. By doing this, you can watch any and all anime that is available in the U.S. without any restrictions.


With the information provided in this guide, you are now equipped to embark on a thrilling journey into the world of Kyoukai no Kanata. From streaming platforms like Fubo TV and HiDive to free options like Bilibili and Spectrum, there are various ways to watch the Beyond The Boundary anime online. Additionally, you can consider owning physical copies through DVD and Blu-ray releases or opt for the convenience of digital purchases and rentals.

Remember to check the availability of Beyond The Boundary in your region as it may vary over time. Stay updated with the latest official websites, streaming platforms, and online retailers to ensure a seamless viewing experience. Enjoy the captivating story, endearing characters, and stunning animation of Beyond The Boundary, and let yourself be immersed in its magical world.

Descargo de responsabilidad:

Please note that availability and streaming options for Beyond The Boundary may change over time. Always check the official sources and platforms to ensure accurate information and availability in your region.

Recommended Related Anime:

If you find yourself captivated by Beyond The Boundary, you may also enjoy other remarkable anime series such as Violet Evergarden, Charlotte, and Angel Beats. If you loved the Yokai monster theme in the anime, then you must check out these recommendations. These shows share similar themes of supernatural elements, emotional storytelling, and engaging characters that are sure to leave a lasting impact on your anime journey.

Additional Resources:

For official websites, streaming platforms, and online retailers where you can watch Beyond The Boundary, we recommend visiting the links provided below the article. These resources will help you access the series easily and reliably.

Now, get ready to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Beyond The Boundary and experience an unforgettable anime adventure!

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