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Fanáticos del anime tóxico: los peores tipos de Weebs

The anime fandom has grew exponentially large, compared to what it was a decade ago. With that huge growth, it is now the home for all types of weebs from around the world. It has both good and toxic anime fans alike, making the community more versatile.

In this article, we will be talking about the toxic anime fans and the types of weebs that make the fandom a bad place, whether they want it or not.

Las redes más tóxicas: el peor tipo de fanáticos del anime

The worst types of weebs listed

In this list, I will be covering all “toxic” archetypes of weebs that make up the anime community. Some of them are not necessarily bad, but the others are just the worst.

And, yes, this post is kind of a “taking it out of my system” article, so please bear with me if I sound frustrated talking about certain types of weebs. Hope you can read it with an open mind.

Types of the worst anime fans:

  • Heterophobists
  • Trap/Futa Haters
  • Toxic Shippers
  • Toxic Recommenders
  • Mainstream Haters
  • The Spoiler Gang
  • The Dominators
  • Blind Haters
  • The ‘True’ Anime Fans
  • The Warmongers

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The “Homophobist”

These are the toxic anime fans who don’t like Gay/Yaoi stuff. They’re so close minded they can’t see different people have different preferences. They say they’re free to hate what they want and express it. But they don’t realize others are free to like what they like and express it too.

Estas personas están tan llenas de dobles raseros que ni siquiera ven lo contradictorios que son.

Just like how straight anime fans lewd their favorite characters, the LGBTQ+ fans lewd their husbandos. That’s all there is.

worst types of weebs

La trampa/el enemigo de Futa

Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of toxic anime fans that hate on Traps and femboys.

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I think these are the people who watch anime but are not very deep into the otaku and weeb community. Now, remember this has nothing to do with how long you’ve been watching anime or how many anime you’ve watched. It has nothing to do with how deep you’re into the community.

¿Por qué digo eso?

Porque cuanto más estés en la comunidad, más te acostumbrarás a este tipo de cosas.

Como nuevo observador de anime, probablemente no te gustó el servicio de fans. Pero después de unos años, te acostumbras.

Del mismo modo, al principio te sientes incómodo con las trampas y el futa, pero a medida que pases más tiempo en la comunidad web, también te acostumbrarás. Demonios, incluso te unirás a los amantes del trap/futa por el gusto de hacerlo.

But I get it. You don’t like what you don’t. Then, if you don’t like traps and futa, all you have to do is stay away from that part of the community. You don’t have to tell the trap/futa lovers how what they love sucks. That’s just uncalled for.

El transportista tóxico

The next kind of worst anime fans are the toxic shippers.

“I ship these two but every other ship is trash.” It’s one of those overly passionate fans who want people to acknowledge and love what they love.

Pero su enfoque es simplemente malo. Simplemente no hablas mal de las preferencias de otras personas para demostrar que tu nave es mejor.

El recomendador tóxico

worst types of weebs

Recomendar anime a la gente que quiere recomendación es una buena acción. Pero hay weebs que siguen recomendando su anime favorito a otros fans que nunca pidieron su recomendación.

El problema con esto es que cuando recomiendas algo en exceso, la gente comienza a odiarlo.

Tienes muchas ganas de compartir una serie increíble con alguien, así que los molestas con recomendaciones con la esperanza de que la vean algún día solo para poner fin a tu molestia. Entiendo. Y funciona a veces.

But the other times, just because you recommended the same thing to the point of annoyance, they probably will never watch it.

El enemigo de la corriente principal

The next type of toxic anime fans are the mainstream haters.

It is a part of the teen psychology to hate the popular thing. Most millennials and gen z, think liking popular thing is not cool. That’s why they like things that are not so popular. The underdogs are what they love.

So, if a lot of people say that an anime is amazing & brilliant to this type of weeb, chances are they don’t like what they’re hearing. They’ll want to be the “cool” person who doesn’t side with popularity.

This eventually leads them to hate all things popular even without giving them a try. They’ll hate on things without even knowing whether it is actually good or not.

El tipo spoiler tóxico

toxic anime fan

Here’s the most popular toxic anime fan archetype. Ah, do I even need to explain this. The best way to make a fan disappointed is to reveal what’s going to happen next.

I admit, I’ve been this person and I know it feels devilishly nice to spoil people. But you gotta realize that it’s bad. It’s childish to feel pleasure from destroying someone else’s expectations.

Pero, algunas webs quieren sentir Frío y superior, así que prueban que saben más que nadie al malcriarlos.

el dominador

Quieren que a todos les guste solo lo que les gusta y que tengan el mismo gusto que ellos. Si no, es la guerra. Te llamarán fanático del anime falso. Dirán que tienes gusto basura y te intimidarán sin fin.

Too bad they missed a chance at dictatorship by being born in this day and age.

The Blind Hater (The Hate Inheritor)

The next type of toxic anime fans are the blind haters.

Estos tipos siempre dan su opinión acerca de cómo apesta un anime, pero en realidad ni siquiera lo han visto. Simplemente vieron a algunas personas odiándolo en línea, por lo que simplemente heredaron el odio sin pensar por sí mismos.

toxic anime fan

En pocas palabras, son el peor tipo de fanático del anime que existe. No piensan por sí mismos, y son de mente cerrada más allá de la ayuda.

“A famous anime influencer hate it, so he must be correct, right? They must be right, so I’mma join them blindly”, this is probably what goes on in their brains.

No podían estar equivocados.

Because, the truth is just because an opinion is coming for a popular person on the internet, doesn’t make it a fact. They don’t like it, but there are thousands of others that might like it. So one can’t choose sides just be watching that one big guy hate on an anime. You have to see the show for yourself and then judge.

Un mejor ejemplo aquí sería One Piece.

I heard people say it was long and boring, it didn’t get interesting at all, it had crappy animation. Blah, blah, blah.

Y les creí ciegamente y no lo miré en absoluto. Pero unos años más tarde (cuando mi conciencia mental creció con mi edad), me di cuenta de lo estúpido que era.

There were these people saying it sucked, but on the other hand it was selling millions of copy and had a high rating where ever I saw. So I gave it a shot, and I loved it! (but, it is true that it takes like a 100 episode to get to the interesting part, but the point is it does get really amazing after that.)

Fue entonces cuando me di cuenta de todo este asunto de la "herencia de odio" y lo ciega que es la gente.

Here’s the truth. Most people who dislike or hate anime in general, are the ones who’ve never watched it in the first place. The same thing applies within the anime community as well.

However, remember that there will still be people who’ve watched and dropped a show after watching over half the anime because they’re dissatisfied. That’s okay, because that’s their real opinion, not inherited.

El 'verdadero' fanático del anime

Estos son los veteranos del anime. Las personas que han visto cientos de animes y se sienten superiores a los demás. Por lo tanto, si un nuevo fanático del anime tiene una opinión que no concuerda con lo que piensa, estos "verdaderos fanáticos" lo acusarán de ser un normie / un weeblet.

The Warmongers

toxic anime fans

El tipo de fans/webs de anime más tóxico que existe. Solo quieren sentirse bien haciendo que los demás se sientan mal.

These are the kind of people who go out of their way to offend someone by trashing something they love and start an argument just for the heck of it. These types are getting rare nowadays, but they’re definitely lurking around in the comment section of social media.

That’s it for this post. Thank you for hearing out my rant! I know I got very specific with certain types of anime fans because I’ve been one of them in the past. I’m not proud of it, but I definitely learned from it and now I’m a more decent member of the anime community than what I used to be.

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