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10 animes con trama complicada

If you’re looking for a complicated plot in your anime, then look no further! This list includes ten anime with complex stories that will keep you guessing. From mind-bending psychological mysteries to war-torn worlds, these anime will have you hooked from start to finish. So sit back, relax, and get ready for a wild ride! […]

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Los 10 miembros más fuertes del clan Otsutsuki

The Otsutsuki clan is the strongest entity in the entire Naruto series. One of their members first appeared at the climax of Naruto and was revealed to be the main villain who was controlling everything from the shadows.  They have been discussed much more thoroughly in the sequel to Naruto, “Boruto,” and more members of […]

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The Correct Way To Watch Naruto

NARUTO. Who hasn’t heard that word before? Especially if you’re a weeb or Asian, I bet even your mom knows who that guy is. Naruto is just an amazing and legendary show that has become an iconic presence in anime and just pop culture in general. But we’re not here to praise Naruto in all […]

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Naruto: ¡todo sobre la franquicia japonesa que es un éxito mundial!

Naruto: everything about the Japanese franchise that is a worldwide hit! The story of Naruto began with Masashi Kishimoto’s manga. With over 920 episodes and movies produced, it is still far from over. Of course, the manga made its debut in Japan and started to have an influence in the western world soon after. For those […]


Top 8 Strongest Jutsu In Naruto

Ever wondered which is the strongest jutsu in Naruto? There’s not a single anime fan who doesn’t know about the Naruto series. The story is about a mischievous boy who grew up to be a powerful shinobi and finally achieved his dream of becoming a Hokage. So what is a jutsu? Jutsu is a skill […]