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¡Más de 26 memes de trampas de anime que te harán reír mucho!

Traps in anime are nothing but boys who love to dress like girls and act like them. In other words, they are what you’d call “femboys.” These kinds of characters were first introduced in the anime and manga industries a few decades ago. What’s more, people love them! At least as a meme! If you’ve…

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Top 10 femboy hentai de todos los tiempos

We all are well-acquainted with the hentai genre of anime. It is no secret that many anime fans have hentai haven bookmarked in their browser. There have been numerous memes all around it. And sometimes, anime fans also have to face some stereotypical questions regarding hentai. Now, hentai has many categories and what someone likes…

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¡Los 10 mejores anime femboys de todos los tiempos!

Hello everyone! Today’s post is about femboys!! I’m going list some of the best, cutest anime femboys I’ve ever seen! You might have come across the term “traps” in the anime community. This term is used interchangably with the word ‘femboy’. However, recently there’s been a lot of fuss surrounding the word ‘trap’ as some…