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Blog Milestone Reached – 100,000 views! is now a year and a half old, and has gotten over a 100,000 views!

First milestone reached!!

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When I first started out last year, I couldn’t even dream that this day would come. I wasn’t even sure that I’d stick to this blog for so long (this is my third blog, you see. I’ve abandoned the other two after writing for a year or so.)

When I set this milestone, it kind of felt far fetched. For the first few months, it was just me writing blog posts and me reading them myself. I hardly had any reads from anybody else.

After 6 months of posting stuff every now and then (I’m not really good at getting myself to sit down and write something periodically lol) I got 100 reads everyday.

And now, a year later, here we are. With over a 1000 reads a day and a cumulative views of over 100,000!

100,000 blog views in year - milestone reached
It went from 6000 views on 2019 to 100,000 on 2020 (and we still have 4 months left)

Even though my blog is not all that popular in the WordPress community, it still managed to get 98 likes. Yay! Now, only if I could get 2 more lol

I did cheat a little though…

Yup. You heard it. I cheated a little. Although I kinda made it sound like I started with nothing, I actually had something– my Instagram page, backing up this blog. I didn’t go around self promoting all that much, but I definitely gained around 10k reads solely from my Instagram page.

It all worked out well since I already had a pretty decent following on Instagram to begin with.

However, thanks to this little push on the back, my blog eventually got recognized by Google-senpai!

Google analytics report

What next?

As of now, I’m the only author of this blog (I do get guest posts once in a while though) and I’m hoping to find someone who can author this blog along with me in the upcoming years. Although I’m not really sure about this. I might solo things till the end, who knows? However, I’m kind of open to the possibility.

And, I’m going to try and grow a Pinterest account (I already have one, but it’s just a baby account right now) to a decent size so I can promote my blog posts more efficiently (because apparently, Pinterest is a popular platform for promoting blog posts.)

Also my next milestone would be getting 100,000 a month. Pretty hard to achieve, but I can see it happening in another year or two.

You have my gratitude…

For all the people who’ve been reading this blog, I’m really grateful to you guys. Thank you for spending your time on this blog and helping me reach my first milestone (^^)

Also, I appreciate the people who’ve volunteered to write guest posts up until now. You guys definitely made it easy for me to keep up with my all new quota of 2 blog posts per week.

(Hopefully, I will be able to increase the frequency of posts once I graduate college, which is coming somewhere around 8 months from now.)

Anyways, thank y’all~

Thank you

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