Más de 15 mejores citas del anime de Oriente para inspirarte

Orient is one of the most underrated shonen anime series of recent times. If you’ve watched the anime, then you know there are nuggets of wisdom sprinkled throughout the series. Which is why in this article, I’ll be listing down some of the most inspiring quotes from the Orient anime series.

You will find quotes from the following Orient characters:

  • Musashi
  • Kojiro
  • Jisai
  • Michiru
  • Tatsuomi
  • Takeda
  • Shiro

I’ll be grouping the quotes by the characters who quoted them. So without further ado, here are the 15+ best Orient quotes from the first season of the anime.

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Musashi Quotes

Musashi is the main character of the Orient anime and manga series. He starts off as a headstrong, stubborn boy who knows nothing about the world.

However, as the series progressed, he learned a lot and became a better person by the end of the season. This is exactly why most of his quotes are very inspiring and motivational.

Musashi orient quotes

I didn’t want to be left out. So I went with the flow and lost sight of what really matters.

– Musashi (Orient)
Musashi quote 6 min

I don’t know why you’re keeping quiet, but if there’s something you gotta get out, why not just say it?

– Musashi (Orient)
Musashi orient quotes

I don’t know why… But if I don’t do it now, I know I’ll regret it till the day I die.

– Musashi (Orient)

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Musashi orient quotes

I’m done letting people keep me from what I want. I’m never doing that again!

– Musashi (Orient)
Musashi orient quotes

If no one in the world cares about you… it’s no different from being dead. I guess just breathing isn’t the same thing as being alive.

– Musashi (Orient)
Musashi quote 10 min

I thought everybody was doing what they’re told to because they were afraid. But that’s not right. They’re working towards the same goal.

– Musashi (Orient)
Musashi orient quotes

I better get strong now! No matter how pathetic or embarrassing or lame I look!

– Musashi (Orient)
Musashi quote 12 min

When I see people on their own now, I’ll make sure they can reach someone!

– Musashi (Orient)

Kojiro Quotes

Kojiro is the second main character in the Orient anime series. He is the MC’s closest friend, and he plays a major role in the progression of the story.

Kojiro has always been mistreated as a child and has deep scars that helped him grow into the person he is today. Here is the most meaningful quote from the Orient’s Kojiro.

Kojiro quote 2 min

Just having a real friend made me happier than I ever imagined. And thanks to that weirdo of a friend, my life wasn’t a nightmare.

– Kojiro (Orient)

Jisai Quotes

Jisai is Kojiro’s dad, who is a mysterious Bushi who seems to be involved with the Obsidian Goddess.

He took care of Kojiro and Musashi, taught them sword fighting techniques, and made them into kind people.

Jisai is one of the nicest, yet wisest, characters from Orient, but he does not have much screentime, so we’ve only got one quote from him.

Jisai quote 13 min

You swear loyalty to whatever you cherish and gives you strength, then live without ever betraying that.

– Jisai (Orient)

Michiru Quotes

Michiru is one of the main characters from Orient Season 1. She played a pivotal role in the anime.

She was originally supposed to assassinate Musashi, but she fell in love with him instead. Michiru realized what was right and wrong and fought for it to the very end.

She had one of the saddest childhoods in this entire anime, so we have quite a lot of deep yet meaningful quotes from Orient’s Michiru.

Michiru quote 1 min

When there are more people… I-I’m never sure how to join the conversation.

– Michiru (Orient)
Michiru orient quotes

I don’t think doing what someone says is so bad. Even if it isn’t your idea, there’s beauty in fulfilling the dreams of others, too.

– Michiru (Orient)
orient quotes Michiru

Just because I want to be valued… isn’t an excuse to do something awful!

– Michiru (Orient)

Tatsuomi Quotes

Tatsuomi is the badass leader of the Uesugi Bushi band, who is a much better man than he looks like.

In this section, we will be taking a look at some inspiring quotes from Orient’s Tatsuomi.

Tatsuomi quote 16 min

Desparity in life leads to a desire to oppress others and prove your superiority. There is limitless joy in proving your strength. Your worth.

– Tatsuomi (Orient)
Tatsuomi quote 17 min

We still feel joy when sharing and being shared with… Just as much as we do when proving our strength and worth.

– Tatsuomi (Orient)
orient quotes Tatsuomi

When you’re a leader of men, you must pretend you can do anything. That’s what gives your people hope. It’s the fate of those born into power.

– Tatsuomi (Orient)

Takeda Quotes

Takeda is the strongest bushi and also belongs to the Uesugi bushi band. Despite being so powerful, he is kind, caring, and more intellectual.

Here is the most inspiring quote from Orient’s Takeda.

orient quotes Takeda

The strength of the dead comrades, passes from their swords to ours, and in our hands now, they’re stronger that ever before!

– Takeda (Orient)

Shiro Quotes

Shiro is one of the main villains from the Orient and is the major reason for several global calamities. His powers defy the laws of the world, making him one of the strongest enemies that the Bushi have ever faced.

As a villain, most of his quotes are about looking down on the weak, but I did manage to find a decent, meaningful quote among the lot.

Shiro 14 min

My dear, wasted time is what makes for a fulfilling life.

– Shiro (Orient)

That’s it for this article! These are the 18 most meaningful quotes from the Orient anime series that will inspire you!

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