¡Más de 10 mejores animes como Tokyo Revengers que te encantarán!

Tokyo Revengers is a new-generation anime about gangsters in Tokyo with a time-travel theme. In this article, I will be listing my top 10 picks of anime like Tokyo Revengers, that you must absolutely watch!

While there is literally no other anime that combines time travel with gang wars, there are tons of anime with either time travel or gang wars.

I will divide this post into two sections: one on the gangster theme and the other on the time travel theme. Regardless of their category, the titles mentioned in this article are simply the best in their genre, so give them all a shot!

Anime Like Tokyo Revengers With Gangs

In this section, I’ll be counting down some of the best animes with gangs and gang wars in them. Without further ado, here are the animes with gangs and gang wars that have a few of plot points similar to that of Tokyo revengers.

  • Durarara!!
  • Ikebukuro West Gate Park
  • Banana Fish
  • Proyecto K
  • Gangsta

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5/5. Gangsta


Given that the anime is titled “Gangsta,” the presence of gangs is literally obvious.

The story of Gangsta takes place in the fictional city of Ergastulum, which is dominated by four powerful mafia families.

It is a shithole of crime, prostitution, and acts of violent criminality.

In the midst of it all, there are two individuals known as “Handymen” named Worick and Nic.

They make their living by accepting specialized jobs from the mafia as well as the police.

4/5. K Project

K Project - Anime Like Tokyo Revengers With Gangs

K Project is an underrated anime series that has a gang war theme similar to Tokyo Revengers. The only difference is that the characters in the K Project have supernatural abilities.

The gang leaders in this show are called “King,” and they are identified by a color. The story revolves around these kings trying to overthrow each other because of a conspiracy.

This anime has insanely high-budget animation, perfect voice acting, and an incredibly good plot. Also, it has multiple seasons and movies that are sure to keep you entertained.

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3/5. Banana Fish

Banana Fish

Banana Fish is an anime like Tokyo Revengers with gangsters in it. However, the anime is set in New York, not Japan.

Banana Fish is an anime like Tokyo Revengers with gangsters in it. However, the anime is set in New York, not Japan.

He has a very troubled past and is now a pleasure toy and kind of a son for Dino. Because of that, he has been given his own gang, even though he’s just 17.

One day, while he is investigating the killer drug named “Banana Fish,” he meets Eiji, a Japanese photographer.

After a series of incidents, Dino’s men kidnap Eiji. Ash must rescue them and investigate Banana Fish, but will his history with the mafia hinder him?

2/5. Ikebukuro West Gate Park

Ikebukuro West Gate Park - Anime Like Tokyo Revengers With Gangs

IWGP is yet another anime like Tokyo revengers with gangsters and gang wars in it. In such a place, we have our MC, who is known as the “trouble shooter.” He acts as a middle man and mediates between conflicting factions.

The top gang in Ikebukuro is the “G-Boys,” who work with Makoto to keep the crowded Tokyo district peaceful. Takashi Andou is the leader of the G-Boys and is infamously known as the “King.”

When the “Red Angels,”  a brand new gang, move into the G-Boys’ domain, tensions rise immediately. A war is about to break out that could cost the lives of several people.

Makoto has to navigate the streets with many foes among the G-Boys as well as the Red Angels.

The anime is about him figuring out the reason for the tension between the gangs and stopping them before it is too late!

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1/5. Durarara!!

Durarara!! - Anime Like Tokyo Revengers With Gangs

Durarara is one of the most similar anime to Tokyo Revengers as it revolves around gangs in Tokyo.

However, this anime also has a lot of fantasy elements.

Ikebukuro is the downtown of Tokyo, and there is a very popular urban legend that people talk about—the headless “Black Rider,” who rides a jet-black motorcycle—that stands out.

A childhood buddy persuades Mikado Ryuugamine to move to Tokyo. His first day in the city, he saw the Black Rider. That’s the only item on his bucket list. As supernatural happenings occur, everyday folks like him and Ikebukuro’s most colorful residents are caught up in the chaos.

The anime focuses on a variety of topics and excellently unfolds a grand story that spans across multiple seasons.

Anime Like Tokyo Revengers With Time Travel

In this section, I’ll be counting down some of the best animes with time travel in them. Without further ado, here are the time travel animes that have a few of plot points similar to that of Tokyo revengers.

  • Erased
  • Re: cero
  • jarras; puerta
  • Link Click
  • Remake Our Life!
  • Naranja
  • ReLIFE

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7/7. ReLIFE

ReLIFE - Anime Like Tokyo Revengers With Time Travel

Relife is one of the most unique time travel based anime.

The main character of this series, Arata, has a tough time with his career as he has jumped around several jobs despite being just 27 years old.

One day, a mysterious person from the Relife research institution comes to him with a miraculous offer to fix his life.

He gives a pill to Arata that is supposed to make the miracle happen. Arata takes it without a second thought and becomes 17 years old the very next day.

Arata discovers that he must transfer to high school for a year as part of a unique experiment. Regardless, he just got a chance to redo his life, so it is one hell of a bargain.

On his first day, Arata fails all his tests. After all, it has been years since he even studied these things. He is out of shape and can’t keep up with the new school policies.

ReLIFE follows Arata’s attempt to adjust to his frantic new lifestyle and avoid repeating his mistakes while learning more about his classmates.

6/7. Orange


Orange is a beautiful time travel-based anime series like Tokyo Revengers that will make you feel all sorts of emotions.

The main character of this series is our girl, Naho Takamiya. She is a sophomore in high school.

One day, she receives a mysterious letter that is from herself, 10 years from now!
Naho initially doubts the note, but after experiencing multiple occurrences, she believes it is from her 26-year-old self.

Naho’s future is full of regrets from her high school years. In the letter, she hopes her younger self can fix her mistakes.

The note advises her to watch Kakeru Naruse, the incoming transfer student. Her decisions can save his life and prevent him from killing himself.

The anime is about Naho figuring out what’s wrong and trying to save Kakeru before he does anything bad.

5/7. Remake Our Life!

Remake Our Life! - Anime Like Tokyo Revengers With Time Travel

Relife is a slice-of-life anime where the main character time travels back to his high school period, similar to Tokoyo Revengers.

However, there are no gangs in this anime. It is more about artists and their decisions that make or break their future.

The main character was an adult who regretted his career decision and his inability to follow his dream.

One day, he loses his job and loses all hope. However, he is mysteriously sent back to his past. He gets to change his decisions and pursue his dreams.

Our MC gets into a prestigious school for the arts, and he has to live with several legends from his future timeline. How will his presence change things for them?

Link Click

Link Click is one of the most recent Chinese anime series about time travel like Tokyo Revengers.

The main character and his buddy are capable of going to the past through photos and pictures.

The duo step into clients’ photos to grant their dreams at “Time Picture Studio,” a modest company.

They risk a lot when they plunge into a photograph. One mistake could change the future forever. When the events in these images become personal, it will require all their strength to put their feelings aside and do their job.

3/7. Steins;Gate

Steins;Gate - Anime Like Tokyo Revengers With Time Travel

Steins;Gate is a legendary time travel anime that is the best in its niche. From insane time-leaping adventures to mind-blowing sci-fi concepts, this anime has it all.
The main character of this anime has to leap through time over and over again to save the life of his loved one, just like in Tokyo Revengers.

The MC of Steins;Gate is a genius scientist who, along with his lab members, invents a time machine. However, it causes a huge change to the world, and countries start going into secret war for it.

People from the future start coming to the present, and the ones from the present go into the future, and things take several exiting plot twists.

Overall, this is a show that you don’t want to miss if you love seeing a single person change the future through time travel.

2/7. Re:Zero

Re: cero

Re:Zero is an isekai anime where the main character has the ability to go back in time each time he dies. His power takes him back to a random “save point,” from where he can continue and relive the moments.

Similar to Tokyo Revenger’s main character, Re: Zero’s main character is pretty weak physically and suffers a lot mentally. However, he manages to save the lives of others each time thanks to his ability.

As a time travel anime, Re: Zero is far better than most series on this list, so you should definitely check it out in case you haven’t.

1/7. Erased

Erased - Anime Like Tokyo Revengers With Time Travel

If you liked the part where Takemichi from Tokyo Revengers travels back in time to save a girl from his childhood, then Erased is for you.

Similar to Tokyo Revengers, the MC’s crush dies at the hands of a mysterious person. In order to prevent that from happening, the MC gives his all to save her from the mysterious killer.

The only difference is that in Tokyo Revengers, the MC is sent back to his high school days. In Erased, the MC is sent back to his elementary school days.

Both characters have to figure out who the mysterious killer is and stop them from harming their crush.

That’s it for this post! These were the top 10+ greatest anime like Tokyo Revengers that has either the time travel theme or the gang war theme.

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