Más de 10 increíbles citas del dios de la escuela secundaria

The God Of High School quotes from the following characters:

  • Jin Mori
  • Seungtae Woo
  • Baek Seungchul
  • Pum Kwang
  • Mujin Park

Best Quotes from The God of Highschool

Mori Jin Quotes

Mori Jin is all about fighting. He might not be too sharp, but he believes what he believes and fights for it. He’s a very straight forward guy who enjoys a good brawl. Here are some of the best quotes from our cheerful and playful MC:

Mori Jin - The god of highschool Quotes

“A dream means nothing, if you don’t grab it with your own hands!” – Mori Jin

Mori Jin - The God Of High School Quotes

“If I want something, I get it for myself.” – Mori Jin

10+ Amazing the God of highschool quotes - Mori Jin Quotes

“The stronger our opponents are, the more fun it’ll be!” – Mori Jin

10+ Amazing the God of high school quotes

“Being stronger is cooler!” – Mori Jin

The God Of High School Jin Mori Quotes

“Do what you want. That’s what my grandpa taught me.” – Mori Jin

Seungtae Woo Quotes

As Daewi’s first best friend, he made a huge impact on who Daewi is today. Seungtae Woo is the one who taught Daewi to trust. He is the one who taught him the value of friendship. Here are some of the most meaningful quotes you’ll ever see in this post.

daewi han's friend Seungtae Woo - The God Of HighSchool Quotes

“All of life is a battle. You’ve gotta keep fighting if you want to live.” – Seungtae Woo

daewi han's friend Seungtae Woo Quotes

“The more you trust someone, the more they’ll trust you too.” – Seungtae Woo

daewi han's friend Seungtae Woo Quotes - The God Of High School

“Once I’ve given all I have, I can admit defeat like a man.” – Seungtae Woo

Baek Seungchul Quotes

He hasn’t had enough role in the anime yet, but those who’ve read the manhwa know’s this man’s the smartest guy there is. Here’s the only phrase he’s ever said in the anime so far lol.

Baek Seungchul Quotes

“With mastery of both knowledge and violence, one can never lose.” – Baek Seungchul

Pum Kwang Quotes

Pum is the very definition of Not giving up. All his life he’s been faced with failure over and over. However, it doesn’t stop him from smiling and trying again. Here’s a quote said by him that personifies everything of who he is:

Pum Kwang Quotes

“As long as you don’t give up, you’ll get where you want to be.” – Pum Kwang

Mujin Park Quotes

Spoiler free
Mild Spoiler
Spoiler free

Mujin Park is the coordinator of the GoH Tournament. He always works behind the scenes, but whenever he gets a screentime, he makes sure to leave an impression on us. As you can see how I went out of the way to create a separate “Mild spoiler” description of him so I can rant how amazing this man is, I love…not exactly, but I’m in a love-hate relation with this guy’s personality. Here are a few of his quotes:

Mild Spoiler

This man might be the main antagonist of GoH, but his dreams and ideals are no pushover. I hate him for what he did to Mori, but at the same time he’s undeniably one of the best characters in the GoH universe. His unwavering passion for humanity, his studious effort and patience to achieve his dreams, and finally his badass personality makes him incredible. Here are some of Mujin Park’s quotes:

God Of HighSchool Mujin Park Quotes

“When a man is at his lowest, that’s when you see who he truly is” – Mujin Park

God of Highschool quotes - Mujin Park Quotes

“Diligent application to the task is fundamental for one’s growth.” – Mujin Park


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Goh fin1

That’s it! These were all the best God of High school quotes as for now (Episode 1 – 7.) I’ll try to update this post if I find some more amazing quotes from the upcoming episodes of GoH.

Until then, laterz!

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