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Perfektes Blau: Farbarchetyp

Perfektes Blau: Farbarchetyp

Perfect Blue, directed by Satoshi Kon (今敏) and released in 1997, is one of the most chilling and psychologically intriguing anime films. It follows the mental deterioration of our main character, Mima Kirigoe, who, after leaving her pop idol group, “CHAM!”, becomes the object of desire for a jaded, highly delusional fan.  The movie has …

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Die 5 besten Anime-Live-Action-Adaptionen aller Zeiten

Die Top 5 Live-Action-Adaptionen klassischer Anime-Shows und -Filme

Over the years, there have been times where anime shows and movies have made it to Hollywood. Specifically, we’re talking about live-action remakes of anime classics that have previously had a cult following. Sadly, some of these remakes have been poor, to say the least, however this list is not for failures. Instead, this is …

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