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25+ Hot Anime Traps That’ll Steal Your Heart

Hiya, everyone! I’m here with another poll! Today we’re doing the Best Anime Traps poll!! This time, I’m going to be adding a brief character description as well, because most people are not familiar with all the characters in the poll. Please be aware that the term trap is not used in a derogatory sense…

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17 Cute Anime Lolis Who’ll kill you with their cuteness

Cute anime lolis mentioned in this post: Kanna Komui Nadeshiko Kagamihara Yui Hirasawa Taiga Aisaka The Platelets Nanachi Rem O-Tama Levy McGarden Rikka Takanashi Kaede Azusagawa Senko-san Mio Akiyama Yoshino Fuko Ibuki Shinobu Oshino Filo Do you like anime lolis? Of course, right? They’re small & cute and have an adorable personality. As you might…