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20+ Best Cat Boys in Anime

Human characters with animal characteristics are common in several anime genres. Cat girls are a popular cliché that many people enjoy because of their cute ears and other feline traits. Cat boys, on the other hand, aren’t as common in anime.

There are various varieties of anime cat boys since certain characters can transform into genuine cats, while others retain their human appearances yet have cat-like traits.

Some of these anime cat guys are courageous warriors, while others abuse their abilities to do wicked things. Fortunately, anime fans might also meet friendly and entertaining feline boys while watching some of the most beloved and heartwarming slice-of-life anime series of all time.

Top 25 Anime Cat Boys of all time

Some of the below anime boys have cat ears, tails, and other body features that resemble those of our beloved felines. However, there are also guys who can turn into actual cats. We have also tried not to include many characters that wear cat-ear headbands because, well, they are not authentic. That said, a couple of them that fit this bill are listed as well.

1. Hans Humpty, the Assassin With Cat Ears (Rokka no Yuusha)

catboys in anime - Hans Humpty (Rokka no Yuusha)

The first name that we have on our list is a mysterious character, who very few people know well in the story. Despite being a member of the Six Braves, Hans is a mercenary on the side, and this job requires him to maintain a secret identity. 

He has a very messy appearance, just like a cat. He even has a tail to go along with it, which further cements his place as a Cat boy. His cat-like behavior is also incorporated into his fighting style, which makes it very hard to predict his movements. And of course, he talks like a cat, adding “nya” and other cat sounds to normal words.

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2. Shu Zo, the Music Star (Show by Rocks)

ShuZo (Show by Rocks)

After knowing about a hired killer, let us focus on some light-hearted music. Shu Zo from Show by Rocks is not only a talented guitarist but also the lead singer of their band, Trichronika. Shu has an idol-like vibe all around him, and for good measure. 

He has an extremely handsome appearance to match his voice, and the cat ears just make the girls go gaga all over him. Shu is all about flamboyance, and his shining appearance in the Galatica form is definitely one to watch.

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3. Kuro, the Sleepy Cat Boy (Servamp)

Kuro (Servamp)

Kuro from Servamp is more popularly known by the name of Sleepy Ash among his fans. Unlike many others on this list, he can actually transform into a cat whenever he comes into contact with sunlight. As per the name of Sleepy Ash, Kuro spends most of his time slacking off and indulging himself in video games. 

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That should not be an indicator of anything since Kuro has a past shrouded in darkness. Apparently, he killed the Servamps creator, and the mere mention of it is enough to send him into a state of fit. In terms of combat, Kuro is a very fast and agile fighter who can use his sharp claws to rip apart enemies.

4. Felix, the Cutest Anime Cat Boy (Re:Zero)

Felix (Re Zero) - anime catboy

Felix is one such femboy from Re Zero who can be easily mistaken for a girl. He has a feminine appearance and his dressing style also doesn’t help matters. 

He has limited screen time in Re:Zero but has already managed to prove himself as a vital knight working for Crusch Karsten. His valor didn’t stop there, as he went on to assist Subaru in a fight between him and the Hakugei and Sin Archbishop of Sloth.

5. Rokumon, the Cat With A Human Face (Circle of Reincarnation)

Rokumon (Circle of Reincarnation)-min

Rokumon is a black cat who has been assigned as an assistant to the Shinigami, Rinne Rokudo. His species are needed by the Shinigami to ward off evil spirits. But they can also act as double-edged swords by attracting curses and omens. 

Aside from being a black cat, he can also change his form to that of a human or a terrifying black cat. It appears humongous in shape and can help carry people on its head. His most notable power is traveling freely between the two worlds of humans and shinigami.

6. Boris Airay, the Mischievous Cheshire (Wonderful Wonder World)

Boris Airay (Wonderful Wonder World)-catboys in anime

Fans are familiar with Boris Airay as the Cheshire Cat in Wonderful Wonder World. His place of residence is the amusement park, where he loves to keep himself busy with riddles. The most unique thing about Boris is the fact that he can manifest doors out of thin air and travel from one place to the other. 

This certainly presents Boris with a wide range of mobility. Boris is also a clever cat boy and knows how to handle tricky situations. However, he can be very stubborn about his ideals and doesn’t like to accept his faults when he is in the wrong.

7. Cheshire Cat (Pandora Hearts)

Cheshire Cat (Pandora Hearts)-anime catboys

The cat boy of Pandora Hearts, Cheshire, has a very sad backstory. He used to be a cat before his transformation to a chain, with a keen likeness to human beings. This happened after the death of his cat form in the hands of Vincent, which was the main reason for that sudden transformation of his soul. 

As a chain, Cheshire has numerous abilities, including inter-dimensional travel, teleportation, and shape-shifting. Of these, shape-shifting is by far his most impressive ability, as he can take on a variety of forms. 

8. Youji Sagan (Loveless)

Youji Sagan (Loveless)

Youji Sagan is a product of the Zero project and a result of the experiments conducted by Nagisa Sagan. He is a part of the Zero pair, and his role is to serve as the Sacrifice. Youji Sagan has an extremely twisted and sadistic personality, just like his partner, Natsuo Sagan. 

He takes pleasure in the pain of others and can go to any extent to watch others suffer. As a zero, Youji is susceptible to extreme temperatures and can’t adapt to them like human beings can. This is why a sudden change in temperature can’t be tolerated by Souji and it is a major weakness for him.

9. Schrodinger, the Evil Cat Boy (Hellsing)

Best Anime catboys

The fact that we are talking about cat boys and no one is named Schrodinger is not possible. Schrodinger from Hellsing belongs to the Werecat species and is affiliated with the Millennium Organisation. He has numerous abilities, ranging from omnipresence to super regeneration, that make him a very valuable asset for the organization. 

Unlike the other Nazis, he has a comical side to him, but one should not mistake that for his weakness. Similar to Souji, he is also a sadistic guy who can even irk the viewers. 

10. Kai and Riku (Show by Rocks!!)

Kai and Riku (Show by Rocks!!)

Kai and Riku are twin brothers who star in Show by Rocks as members of Trichronika. While Riku is the bassist of their band, Kai takes up the role of drummer. Kai holds a firm admiration for Shu*Zo, who is their lead singer and looks up to him a lot. 

However, he looks down on Riku, who happens to be his own brother. This is mainly because of his clear superiority complex and his inherent need to attract the attention of Shu*Zo. Riku, on the other hand, cares a lot for him despite having the same admiration towards their leader.

11. Tsukiyomi Ikuto, the Handsome Cat Boy (Shugo Chara!)

Tsukiyomi Ikuto (Shugo Chara!) - cat boys in anime

Ikuto Tsukiyomi may appear like a normal character at first glance, but he is very much just like everyone on this list. He has a handsome appearance with shiny blue eyes and matching hair. 

Although we see him mostly in his school dress, he certainly has a fashion sense that is evident from the choker around his neck. Ikuto is like the reincarnation of a perfect ideal man, and it often seems like he can’t do anything wrong. His stoic personality is definitely a major contribution in that matter.

12. Ritsuka Aoyagi (Loveless)

Ritsuka Aoyagi (Loveless)

Ritsuka Aoyagi partners with Agatsuma Soubi in LOVELESS and they form the duo of Sacrifice and Fighter. His encounter with Soubi also happened in a very strange way, as he stumbled upon him one day at school and Soubi told him that he was one of the friends of his elder brother. 

Ritsuka was surprised at this sudden revelation, and although he started to trust Soubi, his constant habit of keeping secrets frustrated Ritsuka a lot. Despite only being a teenager, Ritsuka knows how to handle things with maturity and has done so numerous times throughout the story.

13. Hetaro Pearlbaton, the Adorable Cat Boy (Re:Zero)

Hetaro Pearlbaton (Re Zero)

Hetaro is a cute character from Re:Zero who looks like someone you would want to cuddle with all day long. But his cuteness is not his main identity as he is a part of Fang of Iron which is a lethal mercenary group. 

On top of that, Hetaro also happens to be a vice-captain from that group and carries on his duties diligently. The most powerful technique used by Hetaro in battle is Divine Protection, which is linked with his other two siblings. Much like Resonance Wave, they need proper co-operation in order to unlock the full effects of these moves.

14. Gaul Galette des Rois (Dog Days)

anime catboys- Gaul Galette des Rois (Dog Days)

Gaul Galette des Rois was one of the princes of the Galette Lion Territory and was only 13 years of age. He has an elder sister named Leo, who leads the people of their kingdom. 

Although it may seem that Gaul has to spend most of his time in the shadows of his sister, he tries his best to fight by giving his all. He is certainly a strong and confident character, with his only drawback being his hot-blooded nature.

15. Tivey Pearlbaton (Re:Zero)

Tivey Pearlbaton (Re Zero)

Tivey Pearlbaton is a part of the group of triplet sisters who follow Anastasia Hoshin and act as the vice-captain of Fang of Iron. Just like his siblings, Tivey has orange ears, with his only distinctive feature being the color of his eyes. 

He is a hardcore bookworm who would rather spend his time covered up in books than go out and have some fun. This is also the reason he is such an important member of Iron of Fang as he handles their clerical responsibilities. He is also often seen assisting Anastasia in business-related matters.

16. Hien (Log Horizon)

Hien (Log Horizon)

Hien is a stealthy assassin in Log Horizon and is associated with the Crescent Moon Alliance on the side. He mostly plays the role of a side character in the story, and fans only know him from the Shibuya Raid Team

As an assassin, Hien likes to operate from a long distance and uses a crossbow as his favored weapon. In this way, he can maintain a safe distance while picking off his enemies with ease. Hiren is a mischievous character who likes to compete with Shouryuu, who is also a member of the Crescent Moon Alliance.

17. A Miao (Hora, Mimi ga Meteru yo!)

A Miao (Hora, Mimi ga Meteru yo!)-min

A Miao stars in this original net animation that very few people know of. The story starts off with a mangaka named Daisu who lives all by himself and focuses on his work. Although his mangas don’t sell that well, he tries to live each day as best he can. 

This is when our cat boy, Miao, comes into his life, and just like a ripple effect, it changes everything for him. A Miao has prominent cat ears, and he often gets himself into unnecessary trouble. But he also gives warmth to Daisu, who cherishes it with all his heart.

18. Neco-Arc Chaos, the Weirdest Cat Boy (Carnival Phantasm)

Neco-Arc Chaos (Carnival Phantasm)

The purpose of Neco-Arc Chaos is to serve as a parody character in the Fate series, and he certainly does a good job at it. Since the Fate series is quite long and diverse, it is certainly possible for the fans to completely overlook him among all the other characters. 

He belongs to the NEKO Spirit race, whose origin can be traced back to the Village of the Great Cat. Being a parody character, Neco-Arc Chaos has been seen breaking the fourth wall numerous times and often indulges in statements that make zero sense.

19. Ryouta-Neko (Nura: Rise of the Youkai Clan)

Ryouta-Neko (Nura - Rise of the Youkai Clan)

The most telling thing about a character being a cat boy is having Neko in his name. Ryouta belongs to the Bakeneko clan in this anime and also happens to be their leader. 

He has a certain addiction to gambling, which seems to be a trademark of their entire clan. He may not be a fellow on the stronger side of things but he certainly knows what loyalty is and will never leave his peers in a tricky situation.

20. Leonardo Stola (Chaika: The Coffin Princess)

Leonardo Stola (Chaika The Coffin Princess)-min

Apart from being a cat boy, Leonardo Stola is also a demihuman in this particular series. He works under Gillete’s corps in the Post-War Reconstruction Implementation Agency, where his job is being a special operative. 

Just like a cat, Leonardo can see quite clearly at night, and his night vision works like a charm. His cat ears and tail are black in color, while his age is still unknown to us.

21. Saburou-Neko (Nura: Rise of the Youkai Clan)

Saburou-Neko (Nura Rise of the Youkai Clan)

Just like Ryouta, Saburou is also a part of the Bakeneko clan. It is evident that all members of their clan have the word neko in their names. He works for Bakeneko, which is a spirit eatery directly under the authorization of their clan. 

After the grave attack of Muchi on Saburou, he slipped into a coma and nothing has been known of him since that incident. It is likely a temporary issue, but it can only be verified after an official confirmation.

22. Elk (High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even in Another World)

Elk (High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even in Another World)- catboys in anime

Since Elk is a cat boy, he belongs to the byuma race, who have prominent animal features in them. He looks like a sharp guy at first glance and has a pair of fluffy ears along with a tail. He lives in Freyjagard along with the other residents of that place. 

Elk has also been handed the position of treasurer in the town, which forces him to take a brash stance regarding his work. He can also be a gentle guy depending on the situation and has shown that many times in the story. Elk have a natural affinity towards economic knowledge, which makes them the perfect candidate for a treasurer.

23. Karman, the Cat Boy Shopkeeper (Redo of Healer)

anime catboys - Karman (Redo of Healer)

The next guy on our list is Karman, who resides in the city of Branicca. He runs a store there and leads a very quiet life. He has green-colored hair, and his sharp yellow eyes are one of his most distinctive features. 

Karman even has two thick lines of green fur running down on each of his cheeks, which cements his identity. Despite being a simple shopkeeper, Karman also knows how to deceive his customers. But when he realizes that the other person knows quite a lot about business, he tries not to mess with them.

24. Sasuke (Kakuriyo: Bed and Breakfast for Spirits)

Sasuke (Kakuriyo Bed and Breakfast for Spirits) - anime catboys

The final character on our list is Sasuke from the wholesome anime Kakuriyo. He is involved with his family business at Tenjin-ya, where he handles the security of their inn. He may look like a lively and youthful fellow, but in reality he has crossed the mark of 80 years of age

This makes him quite old, just like Shiro Tsubaki, with whom he has spent some colorful days. Sasuke doesn’t back away from a battle and knows how to perfectly use his kunai. He even has an affinity for the wind element and can use wind currents to make himself invisible.

Do you agree with this list? Or do you have some other characters that should’ve been added to this article? Let me know in the comments below.

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