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Top 10 BEST Anime Like Boku No Pico

Boku no pico is a legend in the anime and weeb community. It has been around for well over a couple of decades, and with time we’ve gotten more anime like Boku no pico released.

In this article, we will be covering H anime with similar plot to boku no pico. For example, the age difference, the circumstance of Pico meeting his mates are all factored while picking the below titles.

So if you liked the infamous yaoi anime, then you will love these too!

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10. Koisuru Boukun

Koisuru Boukun

This is probably the farthest away from Boku no Pico in terms of similarity, but that is exactly why it is at the bottom off this list.

Kawaikute Gomen!! song cover

Tetsuhiro Morinaga has feelings for Souichi Tatsumi, who is a student in the upper class. He is even able to admit his feelings for him. It’s a shame that Tatsumi is an openly homophobe in addition to being an aggressive and self-centered egoist.

But despite this, Tetsuhiro managed to develop romantic feelings for Tatsumi, who has been described as having a “walking personality disorder.”

Because of a mishap involving an aphrodisiac medicine, Souichi and the other man find themselves physically close to one another despite his consent. Both of the men’s lives are profoundly altered as a result of the encounter. But will it, in the end, bring them closer together or force a wedge between them?

9. Otoko no ko Ojou-Sama

Otoko no ko Ojou-Sama - femboy hanime

With Otonoko Ojou-sama, we are off to a rousing start on this list of hentai anime like Boku no pico. In this particular H anime, we are going to have a look at a servant guy named Hikaru and a seductive mistress named Ayana.

Ayana enjoys dressing up her servant, in the guise of a girl.

However, she does not end her exploitation there. After she transforms her servent into a girl, she enjoys using him as a pleasure toy and subjecting him to behavior that is beyond description.

That certainly is a kink that she has going on there! Even though this hentai is only 15 minutes long, you are certain to enjoy every single one of those minutes to the fullest.

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8. Sweet Dreams

sweet dreams - trap hentai

People put a lot of meaning and significance into Valentine’s Day. It is a day dedicated to love, and Hiromi has made the decision to use this special occasion to make a romantic proposal to a boy. Additionally, on Valentine’s Day, he intends to present him with a box of chocolates as a gift.

The unexpected turn of events is that his own sister is not going to allow it to take place. It would appear that he entertains his own personal set of fantasies, some of which involve her sister.

As you can probably see, this is not only a femboy hentai; rather, it also veers dangerously close to the territory of illicit familial relationships.

We are not going to give anything away about the plot of the H anime by telling you any more about it, but one thing that we can promise you is that this hentai features a lot of scenes that will get your blood pumping.

7. Natsuyasumi


The protagonist of this yaoi hentai anime like boku no pico, is a young man by the name of Yuu, who spends his summer vacation doing something he really enjoys: fishing.

One day, he strikes up a conversation with a young lady whose name is Natsuki, who he encounters for the first time. Yuu is unable to tear his gaze away from Natsuki due to “her” stunning appearance, and Natsuki is aware that he is staring at her.

Natsuki promises that if he shows her junk, she will show him her junk too. They begin making out when Natsuki expresses satisfaction with what she has seen.

Yuu, however, is taken aback when Natsuki raises her skirt, and he quickly escapes out of panic. If you are also looking for a compelling storyline, this trap hentai is the ideal choice for you.

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6. Enzai

Enzai - hentai anime like boku no pico

Enzai’s main character, Guys, is a small kid in 19th-century France. Originally jailed for stealing stuff, he’s accused of murdering a man he doesn’t recognize. So, Guys ends up in a nasty, dark jail where he’s punished with forced intercourse and assault.

Enzai’s narrative and setting are much darker than Boku no Pico’s. The protagonists in this settings are dudes with a big age disparity, and the younger one is subservient.

Guildias, the investigator who arrests and convicts Guys, fills Tamotsu’s role as domineering partner. If Boku no Pico’s story was too light for you, try Enzai. While the characters’ backgrounds are the same, the delivery is more darker.

5. Sensitive P0rnograph

Sensitive P0rnograph - hentai anime like boku no pico

Sensitive P0rnography is a shotacon yaoi hentai anime like Boku no Pico, with two stories. The first story in this OVA is the closest to Boku no Pico, therefore we’ll focus on it.

It’s about Seiji Yamada and Sono Hanasaki’s romance. Seiji and Sono are ten years apart, making their romance unique. Seiji thought hentai writer Sono was a woman. Despite learning Sono is another boy, he falls in love with him.

Just like boku no pico, the main protagonists have very different ages. But Sensitive P0rnography is more romantic and lighthearted than Boku no Pico. As Sono and Seiji’s relationship grows, you can expect to smile, if not chuckle. Overall, this anime’s tone is quite similar to Boku no Pico’s.

4. Papa to Kiss in the Dark

Papa to Kiss in the Dark - hentai anime like boku no pico

Papa to Kiss in the Dark is the most “controversial and sensitive” anime on our list. Mira Munakata is in love with his father, Kyousuke. They’re romantically and intimately involved.

Mira’s best friend and the son of the lady Kyousuke is rumored to marry are in love with her. Mira is surrounded by love interests, adult circumstances, his father’s impending marriage, and the possibility that he was adopted.

Papa to Kiss in the Dark is a shotacon yaoi, so expect a young lad with an older, more experienced male in intimate and romantic settings, like Boku no Pico. Papa to Kiss in the Dark depicts a more romantic, joyful, and consensual relationship between the main protagonists, like Pico and Tamotsu’s.

Mira and Kyousuke learn to love each other despite their age difference and ancestry, akin to Boku no Pico. You can also expect some laughs. If Boku no Pico’s softer romance caught you, try Papa to Kiss in the Dark.

3. Okane ga Nai

Okane ga Nai - anime like boku no pico

Okane ga nai is a yaoi hentai anime like boku no pico with similar main protagonists.

Yukiya Anase helped a stranger in high school. Yukiya’s cousins sell him at auction four years later for 120 million yen to the same stranger. Okane ga Nai chronicles their odd relationship.

Yukiya can’t pay Somuku, the stranger, the 120 million yen he was bought with, so he has given his body for 500,000 yen each time to buy his freedom.

The main protagonists’ ages are comparable in Okane ga Nai and Boku no Pico. Yukiya is younger than Somuku, though not as much as in Boku no Pico.

Like Pico, he’s at the mercy of an older, more experienced lover. Yukiya does it for money to pay Somuku back for buying him. In both anime, the subservient uke is depicted in a soft, feminine style, while the powerful seme is more macho.

2. Shounen Maid Kuro-Kun

Shounen Maid Kuro-Kun-anime like boku no pico

After his father passed away and left him with a substantial amount of debt, Kuro is in a difficult situation. Therefore, he does not give it a second thought when Miisu, the proprietor of a luxury mansion, asks him to work for him as a personal maid and he accepts the offer.

He learns that in order to perform his duties, he must dress up as a maid in a girlie costume.

However, not long after that, Kuro discovers that his master takes every opportunity to discipline him. It gets even worse for him when he discovers that he is currently being held captive in the dungeon of his lord while wearing almost nothing.

1. Otoko no Ko Delivery

Otoko no Ko Delivery - femboy hentai anime

Aoi and Shun are the protagonists of this femboy hentai anime like Boku no pico, which follows their exploits as cross-dressing dudes who rent their bodies to strangers.

They are both in their senior year of high school, and all they want is to make a little bit of additional money on the side. When Aoi returns to his place of employment one day, he discovers that Shun has already stolen one of his customers.

The following day, when Aoi confronts Shun about the situation, he unexpectedly begins kissing him. Aoi is confused by this behavior.

Since Aoi is still very inexperienced in the industry, Shun also teaches him some new methods.

When they go to their job together the following day, they are surprised to find the same gentleman who was there the night before waiting for them.

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